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Call for Applications

In the framework of a joint project between the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and HSS, we are looking for a legal consultant to assist us in drafting the regulations for the Aqaba Marine Reserve.

Terms of Reference for  Preparing the Aqaba Marine Reserve Regulation




This term of reference was developed in full coordination of The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and The Hanns Seidel Stiftung Amman Office (HSS) to select a legal advisor to prepare the legislative framework (regulation) for the Aqaba Marine Reserve (AMR).




The Aqaba Marine Reserve was established by a decision of the Council of Ministers, and its establishment was declared on the eighth of December 2020 after the Cabinet approved its inclusion in the National Network of nature reserves in Jordan.


The establishment of the Marine Reserve aims to protect the marine environment, conserve natural resources and preserve biodiversity, and ecosystems that support marine life in the reserve.


The marine reserve extends on a coastal strip with a length of about (7) km and a width of (400 m), and it is considered as an extension to the Aqaba Marine Park, which was established in 1997.


Terms of reference


  • The responsibilities and tasks of the consultant include doing the following:



  1. Review the Aqaba Marine Park Regulation No. (22) of 2001.
  2. Review the AMR Management Plan.
  3. Collect and review the national, regional and international legislation related to natural reserves in general and marine reserves in particular.
  4. Identify the missing data to be collected.
  5. Review the collected data and provide feedback on.
  6. Organize in close coordination with ASEZA and HSS a workshop for stakeholders and partners to take their notes and use them later in developing the regulation.
  7. Develop the first draft of the regulation and discussing it with the legal affairs and those concerned in the ASEZA.
  8. Organize in close coordination with ASEZA and HSS a second workshop for stakeholders to present the draft regulation and collect their feedback, if any.
  9. Develop the final draft of the regulation and handing it over to ASEZA and HSS.



  • The consultant is expected to liaise with the focal points from ASEZA and HSS, as necessary during the development of the regulation for coordination and securing access to relevant data from government institutions.
  • The final draft of the regulation shall be submitted in Arabic and English.


Consultation duration


The consultant is expected to complete the required work and submit the final draft of the regulation within a maximum period of sixty (60) calendar days from signing the consultancy contract.


How to apply


  • A technical and financial offer will be sent in Arabic and English along with a recent CV within (14) days from the date of the announcement to the following address:


Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Amman Office


5, Sarrout Street, Abdoun


P.O. Box 925372, Amman 11190


Tel. +962 6 569 0043


  • In the event of any inquiries, please contact Mr. Abdullah Abu Awali on the phone +962 3 203 5803/01 or via e-mail abawali(at)