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Climate Change - MENA Project
Communicating Climate Change

In the framework of the MENA-Region project "Climate Change and Protected Areas" the third workshop for practitioner from the MENA-Region took place in Marrakesh / Morocco.

Practitioner from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia

Practitioner from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia


The goal of the third workshop under the title "Communicating Climate Change", which took place from September 26 until October 1, 2018 was to impart knowledge to understand the role of national strategies, policies, and action plans in mainstreaming climate change strategies into protected areas planning at the national level, and its reflection on the international level as well as to understand the 'Climate Financing Mechanisms'.

By the end of this module participants were aware about the relation of the National Adaptation Plan - NAP process and the Nationally Determined Contributions - NDCs as national tools to mainstream climate change into protected areas planning, and the way of communicating this at the international level. The participants are able to understand the mainstreaming concept and to connect it to climate change for protected areas planning. And they know the financing mechanisms of climate change and can apply it in the context of protected areas planning.