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New Political Parties Law

The Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, in partnership with the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights and in partnership with the German Hanns Seidel Foundation, held a workshop in the city of Irbid entitled "The New Parties’ Law" with the participation of individuals from different governorates.

The speakers of the workshop from the Head of the Youth Department at the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Qusai Al-Zoubi and the President of the Sahel Association for Political Development, Dr. Ali Al-Maharma, talked about political parties as an element of democracy, including promoting the participation of youth and women.


They pointed out that based on the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II to enhance the participation of youth and women in political life, the new law for parties reinforced the royal vision, as it stipulated that the participation rate of youth and women should not be less than 20% of the number of founders, and that at least one of the founders should be a person with disability.

They stated that a special system is currently being prepared to organize partisan work within universities through a specialized committee, as well as work on a civic education subject to be taught in universities and schools.

They said that the law also stipulated that the number of applicants to establish the party should be 300, and that the registration procedures should be completed within a year from the date of the law’s entry into force. The number of founders of the party should not be less than a thousand people from the residents of at least six governorates, and that their number is not less than 30 people from each governorate.

The law also included a new addition, in which it clearly and explicitly indicated that it is not permissible to harm any Jordanian or to threaten his/her constitutional or legal rights because of his/her party affiliation, or to harm his/her relatives; in the event of such exposure, it is permissible to resort to the judiciary to remove the exposure by compensation for material and moral damage.