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Project Activities

The project will consist of a combination of information sessions, workshops and coordination meetings.

It is planned that all workshops aligned to the target groups from the MENA region will be held in Jordan.

All workshops in Jordan will take place in the 'Royal Academy for Nature Conservation' located in the Ajloun Forest Reserve. The academy is specialized in offering training on nature conservation and it is established as an expansion of the regional training programs offered by the 'Royal Society of Nature Conservation -RSCN'. (

The information sessions will be conducted at the beginning of the duration of the project (beginning of February 2016) in the participating project countries by the resident HSS offices. These sessions will introduce the project to local organizations / institutions / government agencies and to give those who are interested the opportunity to apply for workshops in Jordan.

Between the workshops, coordination meetings will be held in the respective countries. The meetings are necessary for the preparation and follow-up of the workshops in Jordan. In addition, they offer the opportunity to exchange views on current developments or challenges with regard to the topic in their countries.

A closing ceremony is planned at the end of the duration of the project in the participating project countries with participants from the different groups.