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Project Description/Target Groups

The project objective is the support of professionals in politics and experts in practice to strengthen protected areas as effective instruments of climate change mitigation and adaption in the MENA-region.

Within the project framework, there are two levels of intervention: the ‘policy level’ and the ‘practical level’. At both levels, institutional and individual capacity should be promoted.

At the 'Policy'-level, activities are planned with decision-makers such as employees of relevant ministries, members of parliamentary committees or National Environment Climate Change committees, executive representatives of environmental organizations and leading figures of the civil society from countries of the MENA region.

The workshops will serve to raise awareness of those responsible and to provide technical information as well as the exchange of experiences on climate change, its impact on protected areas, and the role of protected areas in climate protection and adaptation to climate change. The exchange of information should improve the transfer of knowledge from the planning to the implementation stages and enable the participants to take, within a reasonable timeframe, concrete steps towards the realization of necessary adjustments to the political decision-making processes at national level, based on jointly developed recommendations.

At the 'Practical' level, training workshops will be carried out for those institutions responsible for the management of protected areas and for senior employees from nature reserves in the MENA region. The workshops are intended to develop management plans and strategies in order to effectively and equitably manage protected areas and to increase the resilience of these areas in times of climate change as well as to secure the long-term financing of these areas which form an important source of livelihood for the local population.