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Training Workshop
Benefits of Biodiversity for Agro-Business and Agro-Tourism

WADA, in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation, hosted a training workshop titled "Benefits of Biodiversity for Agro-Business and Agro-Tourism" at the WADA Center in Deir El Ahmar, Lebanon. The goal of this training was to increase participants' understanding of the importance of biodiversity in agro-business and agro-tourism, as well as to encourage the conservation and protection of natural resources.


Participants at the workshop included women, youth, local guides, farmers, and beekeepers from the local communities. The training featured hands-on workshops with experts to teach participants how to prepare natural and healthy products from native wild plants and honeybees. Participants also learned how to create menus featuring the natural flavors from the local wild forest trees in order to encourage agro-tourism and job creation within the area.


The workshop proved to be a valuable opportunity for participants to collaborate, learn, and share experiences with others working in protected areas. By learning from experts and exchanging experiences with others, participants improved their competence and skills in working with natural resources. The skills developed at the session will help create job opportunities for women, youth, and farmers in the area, as they increase income from their natural resources and local products.


The training program had a great impact on all participants, boosting their knowledge, competence and skills, and leading to valuable networking between local producers and international development NGOs. In the long-term, this collaboration will help preserve the region's biodiversity and continue to support local communities.

The training was widely successful, and received proposals for future programs: A training program in collaboration with the International Labor Organization, and another to promote the local products and Guest Houses on media and social media and through the tourism ministry's website.