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Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve; HSS

Environmental Sustainability #EnvironmentMatters

Field trip Ajloun Nature Reserve

Field trip Ajloun Nature Reserve


With increasing population growth and progressive development, environmental problems have also increased in Jordan and Lebanon. Even if one can detect a growing environmental awareness in the population, this does not automatically lead to an environmentally friendly action and / or behavior. This is partly explained by the fact that in Jordan and Lebanon a large proportion of people are predominantly concerned with ensuring their daily economic survival (the economic situation of many families has worsened in view of the refugee crisis), and a clean or intact environment and the associated quality of life are values that (still) do not enjoy a very high priority. In the needs hierarchy of a majority of the population, such goals tend to be secondary, but the impact of not taking them into account is becoming more noticeable every day.

However, the protection of the environment and the sustainable management of natural resources are crucial to the future economic and social development of the countries.