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Training for Social Worker in Lebanon
Drugs and Crime Prevention

There is no doubt that the use of drugs in Lebanon has increased as a result of the Syrian crisis. The lack of employment leads to widespread drug abuse among the unemployed, which in turn leads some to commit drug-related crime to finance the purchase of drugs.

Social Worker from the Bekaa

Social Worker from the Bekaa


The purpose of the workshop was to provide social workers and NGO workers working with Syrian refugees and / or Syrian and Lebanese drug addicts with sufficient information and knowledge on drugs and addiction in order to improve the early detection by monitoring psychological and health symptoms, which can indicate addiction. Participants were also trained to accompany addicts, who go through drug withdrawal at specialized centers, after treatment in the rehabilitation phase to reintegrate them into society. In addition, participants were made aware of the need to alert local security forces if it turns out that an addict's situation poses a threat or could lead to violence and the perpetration of crimes.

Around 70 social worker from the Bekaa area took part in the workshop, which was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) from March 1  2, 2018 in Zahleh.

Knowled was conveyed on the following topics:

  • Definition of addiction; medical symptoms of addiction and health risks associated with addiction
  • Identification of  the psychological causes of addiction and the negative consequences of addiction on mental health
  • Types of drugs, early detection symptoms and approach to the intervention process
  • Legal approach to intervene in the subject of addiction and how drugs can lead to criminal behavior
  • Methods of psychological treatment of the addict and the role of Social Development Centers (SDCs), NGOs and social workers