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Southern Jordan
Yes She Can!

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, in partnership with the German Hanns Seidel Foundation, launched the first phase of the “Yes She Can” project from Karak, which targets the governorates of Al-Karak, At-Tafila and Ma'an.

The project aims to contribute to achieving goal 5 of the sustainable development goals in Jordan, which is to ensure the full and effective participation of women and their equal opportunities with men in occupying leadership positions at all levels of decision-making in life. It also aims to establish a national lobbying platform for women defenders from remote areas of Jordan to initiate appropriate gender-sensitive changes in legislation.



Starting from Al-Karak, two separate meetings were held over two days, the first one was under the auspices of the delegate of the Governor of Karak, the Assistant Governor, Dr. Ali Al-Haysa, and in the presence of a big representation of religious and tribal leaders, in addition to media and representatives of the youth sector.

Continuing to At-Tafila and then to Ma’an, meetings were also conducted with At-Tafila  and Ma’an community leaders and on the second day with the staff members and head of the Tafila Greater Municipality and New Husseinieh Municipality.

Preparatory meetings were organized in each governorate as a part of the project’s activities at the level of decision makers from various ministries, institutions and concerned authorities to support the project.


 As for the next phase, the project will conduct a study that describes in details the local situation with regards to social structure, potential points of contact, tribes’ structures, elected representatives, political parties, and media representatives. Then present their findings to the analysis platform at the Arab World Center.

 The project will also conduct workshops with young leaders and university students, and organize workshops with representatives of the media on a number of topics, including national policies and visions, and party programs related to women’s rights and participation; preparing gender-sensitive reporting, fake news analysis, and other workshops with representatives and members of local political parties at the governorate level. In addition to working to increase the knowledge and skills of selected participants from the target communities on advocacy campaigns.

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